FAQ - Armin's All-Access


If you're new to Armin's All-Access, this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) will help you learn more about the AAA token and its features.

// General

AAA stands for Armin’s All-Access. An AAA token is a digital art piece (created by Rik Oostenbroek) that gives the holder unique perks and access to an exclusive section within Armin van Buuren’s Discord server, special discounts, exclusive events and much more.

By purchasing an Armin’s All-Access token, you will receive a digital art piece created by Rik Oostenbroek with music made by Armin van Buuren, as well as highly coveted access to lots of exclusive perks, giveaways and (discounts on) physical goods.

You will be able to purchase an AAA token soon. Keep a close eye on Armin’s All-Access section within Discord or subscribe to the AAA newsletter.

The AAA token is available in a total of ten eye-popping variations. In addition to the eight main color variations, there are also two special editions of exceeding rarity, each of which grants a special bonus perk on top of the Armin’s All-Access community access and perks that have already been disclosed. Upon receiving a randomized token, either the super-rare Multicolor token or the ultra-rare Gold token could be minted, meaning just a tiny bit of luck can make you the proud owner of the rarest digital art piece

If you connect your wallet to the exclusive AAA community space within Armin van Buuren’s Discord server, we’ll keep you informed about the giveaways and exclusive events.

The token will be minted on the Ethereum network.

// Payment

You can connect your wallet to pay with crypto. If you don’t have a wallet, you are able to use your e-mail address instead. Credit card, iDeal, Bancontact and Apple Pay are also accepted payment methods.

*If you don’t have a wallet yet, go to the section – Setup*

You’re able to purchase an Armin’s All-Access token with crypto, iDeal, credit card, Bancontact or Apple Pay.

The AAA token is the digital art piece of Armin van Buuren x Rik Oostenbroek and unlocks all of the utility listed at the utility section of this FAQ. It can be purchased for 199 USD (ex. Gas- & transaction fees).

*The price is fixed 24 hr. before the drop based on the Ethereum price at the time*

// Purchasing & (Re)selling

Yes, If you have a digital wallet you can connect it.

If you don’t have a wallet yet you can choose to set up a digital wallet (see the Setup questions) or you can easily set up a custodial wallet on the website of our payment provider Crossmint with your email address. If you have any questions about the payment or how to set-up a custodial wallet, please see the FAQ on the website of the payment provider.

You are allowed to sell your Armin’s All-Access token. You can do this on the secondary market through OpenSea (https://opensea.io/).

Originally, AAA tokens can only be purchased from the official website: https://www.arminvanbuuren.com/aaa.
Afterwards, tokens can be bought on secondary market platforms such as OpenSea.

Armin van Buuren’s Discord server is available for everyone. Within his Discord server, there is an exclusive section for AAA token holders. You can connect your digital wallet to gain access after the drop.

You can purchase an unlimited amount of AAA tokens.

It depends. If you purchase an AAA token during the early bird sale, it won’t be revealed until the regular sale starts. If you purchase an AAA token during the regular sale, it will be revealed right away.

Please see our Terms and conditions and our privacy statement for all terms and conditions applying to the AAA token.

// Setup

The Armin’s All-Access token is technically an NFT, which stands for Non Fungible Token. Essentially, this token proves ownership of your asset (NFT) on the blockchain.

Blockchain is a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack or cheat the system. A blockchain is essentially a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the blockchain.

A digital wallet refers to software, an electronic device, or an online service that enables individuals or businesses to make transactions electronically or store digital assets.Think of your wallet as your personal identity in the digital world, the same way a username and password are for traditional websites.

When you buy an AAA Token, it is minted to the blockchain especially for you. A unique piece of artwork is generated upon your transaction, and it is assigned to a specific token on the blockchain. The ownership certificate of this token is transferred to your wallet, meaning you now own the asset and can fully control what happens to it.

For beginners we recommend MetaMask. It’s free and fast to set up, and has a good balance between ease-of-use and safety. Install the browser extension or download the app to get started. This article explains how to set up MetaMask in a few simple steps.

Remember – Never, under any circumstance, give anyone your wallet’s seed phrase. Losing your seed phrase means losing control of your wallet forever.

Once the collection is released, go to the www.arminvanbuuren.com/aaa website and click the button that says ‘connect wallet’. Your wallet should automatically pop up and ask you to confirm the connection. The ‘mint now’ button will then activate. Click it to initiate another wallet pop-up where you can review and confirm the actual transaction. Confirm it, and you’re done. The network takes a couple minutes to process, and you have your token!

You may have heard about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and how they impact the environment. Even though NFTs themselves do not cause any environmental impact, their impact on our climate can be linked to how they are produced. That is why we are building AAA on Ethereum, an open source blockchain that recently changed from Proof of Work (a validation method that confirms transactions, including NFT transactions) to Proof of Stake (a different validation method that uses considerably fewer validators.) Proof of Stake requires a lot less of computer processing, and thus consumes much less energy per transaction (99.95% less). You can compare the energy consumption of a single transaction to that of sending an email, or doing a bank transfer.