Armin's All-Access
// A new Web3-Based Community

Hi friends,
I want to tell you about something special I’ve been working on over the past few months. In addition to my recently started Discord server, I am launching a brand-new community to help us build an even stronger connection. I’m incredibly excited for us to connect on a truly personal level. More info, really soon.

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// The Collaboration

“I am launching a brand-new Web3-based community to help us build an even stronger connection: Armin’s All-Access (AAA).”

I wanted to create something that represents the soul of the AAA community. I got in touch with Rik Oostenbroek, who I’ve been following the past year and I absolutely love his artistic style. Rik created an exclusive piece of digital art based on the concept of glass, as glass can be both strong and breakable. That digital art is synonymous with the phases in life we both went through in life and will be the core of our new community: AAA (Armin’s All-Access).

Armin van Buuren X Rik Oostenbroek
Rik Oostenbroek
// The man behind the digital art

Rik Oostenbroek is one of the world’s most exciting Web3 artists. He has worked for global brands such as Porsche, Apple, Samsung, HP, BMW and Philips as a freelance digital artist for fifteen years prior to entering the web3 space, and now counts as one of the top creators of one-of-a-kind, exceedingly in-demand (digital) art pieces, flaunting an abstract approach, organic forms and striking colors.

Rik’s standing in the Web3 community skyrocketed after launching the Arcus series, one of the world’s most iconic 3D art collections. Since, his creations have been snapped up by over eighty high-profile collectors from across the globe.

Rik Oostenbroek: “I have been a fan and avid listener of Armin van Buuren’s music since an early age and even snuck into one of his concerts when I was 14. He is one of my heroes, so teaming up with him is a dream come true and adds a personal touch to the project.”

"The digital art of Dutch designer Rik Oostenbroek is available in a total of ten eye-popping variations."

In addition to the eight main color variations, there are also two special editions of exceeding rarity, each of which grants a special bonus perk on top of the AAA community access and perks that have already been disclosed. Upon receiving a randomized token, either the super-rare Color token or the ultra-rare Gold token could be minted, meaning just a tiny bit of luck can make you the proud owner of the rarest digital art piece.

// The Utility

Armin's All-Access
  • A private space for AAA-holders within Armin van Buuren’s existing Discord server
  • Exclusive Armin van Buuren-related content, such as previews of unreleased tracks and audio recordings of never-shared-before live sets
  • Exclusive livestreams of Armin van Buuren studio sessions
  • Frequent AMAs by Armin van Buuren within the private, AAA-community-only space of Armin van Buuren’s Discord server
  • Exclusive meditation session (created and soundtracked by Armin van Buuren)
IRL Experiences & Giveaways
  • Exclusive meetup events with AAA-holders in Armada Music’s offices in Amsterdam, New York and London
  • Giveaways for visiting the radio studio and meeting Armin van Buuren as he records his A State of Trance radio show
  • Ticket giveaway for the sold-out A State of Trance Festival in Utrecht
  • Exclusive, heavily discounted Armin van Buuren merchandise, solely available for AAA-holders
  • Exclusive giveaways of personal collectors’ items, worn or used by Armin van Buuren (e.g. jackets and headphones)
Digital Art
  • A mind-blowing piece of digital art designed by Rik Oostenbroek
  • High-quality downloads for prints and screensavers designed by Rik Oostenbroek
  • AMA with Rik Oostenbroek
Extra Web3 Utility
  • The additional Web3 utilities include discount codes and future collaborations with special brands, early access to future drops and exclusive airdrops
// The Details
  • AAA tokens are available in ten (10) variations, created by world-renowned Web3 artist Rik Oostenbroek.
  • Upon purchase, you will receive a randomized AAA token.
  • There are eight (8) regular color variations and two (2) limited editions: the super-rare Color token and the ultra-rare Gold token.
  • The amount of available tokens is limited. The tokens are available at $199,- a piece (ex gas- & transaction fees)
  • You’re able to purchase an Armin’s All-Access token with crypto, iDeal, credit card, Bancontact or Apple Pay
  • Every token grants access to a special section within Armin van Buuren’s Discord server and comes with a lot of utility, including ticket giveaways, exclusive meet-up events at the Armada Music offices (AMS-LDN-NYC) and much more.
  • For more information on how to purchase an AAA token, please see the FAQ
Armin’s All-Access
The Collaboration
The Utility
The Details
The Drop